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Dear visitors, I am happy to welcome you at this site. I hope you will get interested in my creative work.



Here you will be able to buy paintings to decorate the interior of your home or to make an original gift for your parents, friends, colleagues, business partners or your boss. A painting is always the perfect gift: stylish, up-to-date and all-purpose. Moreover, paintings adorn homes, create good mood and develop virtu. You can order the copy of a picture you liked best from the gallery or make the individual order by the provided photo (just fill in the form at “Contacts” page).



How can you make an individual order of a painting? 


1 Describe the details of the landscape you would like to see in your painting (the season, the hour of the day, if there should be a forest or a river etc.) and point out the desired size and material.
2 If you want to mark an unforgettable place on the painting, please send the photo of it to my e-mail and, please, remember to point out the size of the painting and the material.


I usually have all my paintings framed. But you can order a frameless picture, of course, especially if it should be mailed afterwards. Exceptions are pictures on rice paper. In view of its very delicate texture, the pictures have to be mounted and framed or packed in a special hard box. Pictures on silk scrolls do not need any additional framing.


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Comments on my works:


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Irina, I liked the landscapes on rice paper very much. They look like water-colors, but are more vivid, if I can say so.

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Yes, I agree. They are rather unusual. I have never heard about rice paper before. But I liked them.

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As for me, I liked sea-pieces most of all. It’s great how you paint water. It looks like real. And also the sky.

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I was very glad to see your works. You are very talented! I wish you success and new creative ideas! To find one's vocation means happiness!

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The painting “The Fairytale Night” is so magic and mysterious! It’s very beautiful! And “The Topical Dawn” as well. Excellent works! I will probably order something alike from you.

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I've been lucky to see photos of Irina's work early in her career.  It's been wonderful to watch her progress into a fine artist.  Her paintings have a warmth and serenity that makes one feel very peaceful.  I also think she is a master at capturing sky and water.  These are pieces worth owning.