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Starting around 4000 B.C. traditional Chinese painting has been developed continuously over a period of more than six thousand years. Chinese brush painting is very peculiar and differs from Western one practically in everything: materials, tools, techniques and the ways of depicting the objects. The main thing here is not to exactly match to details, but to be able to grasp the very essence of things and to convey the mood.

The most learned people of their ages: painters and calligraphers, poets, philosophers, and even emperors influenced the development of Chinese painting. They have created a whole system of rules an artist had to follow when painting. At the same time Chinese painting is sooner poetry and philosophy embodied in the paintings than just a craft.

I paint pictures not only in the traditional manner of Chinese painting but also contemporary paintings, mainly landscapes, using the unique properties of rice paper, ink and Chinese mineral colors to create the effect of airiness and transparency.

At your request, the picture can be supplemented with hieroglyphic inscription (a wish or a greeting, a line from a poem or a philosophical dictum), with the signature and seal of the Chinese master (which is carved out of stone and is usually a mandatory attribute of any Chinese artist).

I also paint on Chinese silk scrolls of different sizes and colors, and Chinese fans making use of traditional Chinese subjects.

Paintings on rice paper or silk scrolls are gorgeous and unique gifts.